Share Your Recipes!

Please feel free to share your recipes with us and our clients… we are publishing all suggestions through our Facebook Page, Twitter and LinkedIn Accounts. So show off your culinary skills today. The easier the recipe – the better!

Tips for Busy Working Mums # 1

Even though these tips are primarily for mums working outside of the home who also run households, they are also great for mums working from home and of course, full-time domestic goddesses. We would love to keep adding to this blog as we go, so please feel free to share feedback and tips … and as always, play nice.


There are SO many sources for recipes these days that it can be a little overwhelming as to what really is a quick budget meal. Add to the mix extremely expensive cooking appliances … and takeaway or tv dinners start looking very appealing. The age old appliance that is super easy to use and gives you a beautiful home cooked meal as soon as you walk through the door is the Slow Cooker. What are your favourite Slow Cooker recipes?



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Cleaning up for the Cleaner?

This is something a LOT of our customers do.
PLEASE DON’T … You’re putting us out of business!

Seriously, you don’t have to feel embarrassed about leaving a mess for us to clean up – that is what you are paying us to do! We know how busy you are and how overwhelming the house chores can become … after all that’s why you’re looking for a cleaner, right?

We welcome all messes big and small. Of course, prices vary according to the size of the job, which is why we initially like to visit you to provide an obligation-free quote. We can talk through all of our services that are of interest to you and tailor a quote for general cleaning, specialty cleaning and garden maintenance – or even a combination of all three.

Let us ease your workload!